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The Generator Game: Power On Demand

1 Aug 2019

The Generator Game. Power On Demand

Need to power your small tools, larger machinery and accommodation on site?

Require additional generators to meet a temporary need for more energy?

Want temporary backup to supplement or replace your own generators, e.g. if they have failed and you urgently need to keep power flowing?

We have a size and specification of generator for most applications across a wide variety of sectors, including construction, mining, oil and gas, events, leisure and sport, retail, hotels, healthcare, telecoms, manufacturing, and utilities.

Safe, Compact And Reliable Generators

With increasingly demanding energy needs, our customers use our generators to supply power continuously, for peak shaving or as emergency or temporary stand-by power. Safe, compact and reliable, with solid design, they’re a cost-effective source of portable electricity, as well as easy to manage and operate machines.

Need even more power than 45 kVA?

We have robust, versatile generators up 275kVA.

If you would like assistance with installation and commissioning, we can help with that too. Which accommodation compound is right for you? We have one of the largest and most comprehensive accommodation fleets for hire, so will be able to supply units that meet your specific needs.