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Hire Smart to Control Costs

9 Jul 2019

Hire Smart To Control Costs

At a time when the UK construction sector is facing a reduction in major public infrastructure projects, the threat of higher labour costs as a result of Brexit and the after-effects of a prolonged severe winter, Jarvie Plant say they’re ideally placed to help with the unprecedented cost pressures construction firms are under.

The Grangemouth-based firm has continuously renewed its portfolio of hire equipment by investing in technologically advanced plant, accommodation, and vehicles that meet the highest quality and safety standards.

“The construction sector is facing significant challenges on several fronts,” says Jarvie Plant’s business development director, David Jarvie.

“Hiring newer equipment isn’t only the safest option, it can also be the most cost-effective overall as projects will not be negatively impacted by older machines breaking down. If a machine breaks, you need to find a replacement and that can result in time delays and significant costs.

Moreover, some of our newer equipment could help reduce fuel bills. For example, our ECO-Settler welfare accommodation units feature an automatic power management system which delivers 75% fuel savings against conventional units.

In addition, our new fuel management offering is allowing our customers hassle-free hire of generators and accommodation, minimising downtime on site. Customers are also benefiting from reduced emissions from our new JS130 Excavators and 25-35m Rotating telescopic handlers.”

But in addition to rising costs, the construction industry is also suffering a skill and labour shortage. The skills gap is driving up wages, which is squeezing businesses already battling higher material costs. With recruitment costs also increasing due to staff shortages, retaining existing employees is crucial.

“Our customers’ staff have access to great equipment to work with and accommodation that offers them an excellent working environment, and we feel that is crucial to staff retention,” added Mr Jarvie.