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Keep Moving With Our Tracked Dumpers

1 Aug 2020

Keep Moving With Our Tracked Dumpers

Are you working on muddy, boggy or hilly ground on which normal dumper wheels would just spin out and lose their grip or sink? Is wet weather making your site more challenging to deal with?

Our tracked dumpers are perfect for uneven, unstable ground, on various types of soil (including gravel and sand) and for steeper gradients. Multifunctional, robust and agile, they ensure low ground pressure, are highly manoeuvrable and offer excellent all-round performance.They will keep your site moving and productive.

Our fleet ranges from 500kg capacity tracked barrows (indispensable on restricted sites and smaller projects, like driveways, paths, patios and conservatories) right up to 11 tonne load capacity cabbed dumpers (ideal for larger projects). With different sizes of tracked dumper, we have a machine to suit most power and payload requirements.

In addition to being used on many different types of construction sites (such as housebuilding, commercial property, roadways, railways, pipelines, wind and solar farms and golf courses), our tracked dumpers can be used across a diverse range of sectors (including property renovation, garden clearance, estates and forestry management, railway track and embankment maintenance, demolition sites, river and sea flood defence work, and pond and lake dredging).