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Rotos: Three Machines In One

2 Dec 2020

Rotos Three Machines In One

When working at height or needing extra reach, it’s hard to beat a roto (rotating telehandler) for sheer versatility.

These exceptional machines combine three in one:

  1. Crane
  2. Access platform
  3. Forklift/telehandler

Increasing Use Of Rotos Across Sectors

While best known for their use in the construction industry, rotos are increasingly being recognised and exploited by businesses in many other sectors for their multiple applications.

Rotos’ Impressive Features And Benefits

Rotos’ compact design allows easy, safe movement around sites (including those with restricted access). Featuring 360° rotation for superior visibility, their self-diagnostic computer offers excellent safety features and their remote control facility allows them to be manoeuvred without an operator on board.

With rotos able to perform multiple functions across a site, minimal set-up time and fewer operators required, productivity is increased and operating costs are reduced.

Extensive Roto Fleet For Hire

Jarvie Plant offers one of the largest roto fleets for hire throughout Scotland as well as the North and Midlands of England.

  • Machines ranging from 21m to 35m, with up to 5 tonne lift capacity.
  • Quality brands: Manitou, Merlo and Magni.
  • Extensive range of attachments for extra adaptability (extended forks, jibs, winches, hooks, baskets and buckets).
  • Competitive hire rates and delivery charges.
  • Hire on self-drive or operated basis.
  • Long term contract rental options.
  • Experienced, qualified engineering team.

Roto Customer Success Stories

Piling And Shuttering In The Scottish Borders

Our Edinburgh depot’s construction customer hired a roto from Jarvie Plant for piling and shuttering work at their site in the Scottish Borders. They chose a roto for the job due to the long outreach required.

Lighting Up Central Scotland’s New Year

Our events customer was organising a New Year celebration in central Scotland featuring an illuminated outdoor experience. They hired a roto from us to hold a giant lit up globe, suspended among the trees.

Cladding And Roofing In Angus

Our building services customer hired a roto from Jarvie Plant for cladding and roofing work at their site on Dundee’s waterfront. They selected a roto due to the height of the job they needed to undertake and because they could then also save costs by using it elsewhere on site as a standard telehandler.

Factory Pipework Installation In Cheshire

Our North Wales based engineering customer hired a roto from Jarvie Plant’s Manchester depot for mechanical work within a factory in Cheshire. Working in the manufacturing facility for two months, the roto was used to install pipework in a steam plant at a significant height.

Shot Blasting Dock Walls

Our civil engineering customer hired a roto from Jarvie Plant to shot blast dock walls. They chose a roto for the job because it could be programmed to go down, as well as up, and because we were able to attach an aerial 3D platform to it. In addition, it was much more manoeuvrable than a crane on a site with such restricted space.

Installing Pylons In Ayrshire

Our engineering customer hired Jarvie Plant’s tallest roto for the installation of pylons in Ayrshire.

Reaching Higher At Waverley Station, Edinburgh

Our construction customer hired a roto from Jarvie Plant for their project at Edinburgh’s Waverley railway station. The main reason they went for a roto instead of a crane was the extra height and reach that it afforded them.

Tree Installation In Glasgow City Centre

Our civil engineering customer hired a roto from us to install new trees during the Sauchiehall Street re-development project in the heart of Glasgow. They chose to use a roto as its manoeuvrability and compact design were far more suitable than a crane in such a heavily pedestrianised area.