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Smoking Shelters For Hire

21 Jun 2020

Smoking Shelters For Hire

With smoking now banned in most enclosed public spaces, many site and facilities managers have a duty to provide a designated smoking area for staff and visitors. Are you meeting your legal obligations to both smokers and non-smokers who work in or visit your premises?

Jarvie Plant’s new portable smoking shelters are constructed entirely of steel, making them robust and durable as well as minimising fire risk. 2.510m high and 2.745m wide, they feature ample seating, handrails and slip-resistant durbar flooring.

Cigarette smoke is dispersed quickly thanks to their open sides. A wall mounted ashtray is included to help keep spaces litter free and to reduce safety risks from discarded cigarette butts.

Built to meet current smoking regulations, our anti-vandal smoking shelters will provide weather-protected areas for smokers on construction sites, in factories, at events and many other locations.