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Settler (7-man) Eco Mobile Welfare Unit

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  • 7‐man unit. 4m (13’) long. Extra‐large canteen area. Aluminium non‐slip flooring throughout.
  • Retractable drawbar locks under‐floor when parked. Dual voltage towing lights also retract automatically.
  • Full Hydraulic ground lowering. Push button up or down, hydraulic jockey automatically keepslevel.
  • High security steel sliding window shutter, steel doors with multi‐point locking. 
  • Canteen with large table, soft seating for seven, sink with hot water, microwave. Kettle, first‐aid kit, bin.
  • Chemical Toilet with weekly service. HSE Compliant stainless‐steel hot water wash basin.
  • Separate drying room with heating duct. PIR Controlled LED cabin lighting throughout.
  • Efficient diesel fuelled space heating system with electric heater for automatic fast warm up.
  • Option of water cooler dispensing drinking water from 15L bottles and bottle supply service. 

Green X Power System

  • The Green X Power Management System detects demand from appliances and switches the generator on when required and off when finished.
  • The system automatically provides hot water for the kitchen and wash station.
  • The system monitors battery power level and starts the generator to recharge if necessary. A solar panel provides a constant trickle charge to maintain battery condition without running the generator.
  • At the end of the day the system can be set to run to provide heat to the drying room for 3 hours and automatically shut off.
  • The Green X Power Management System used in conjunction with diesel fuelled heating and PIR activated lighting can reduce fuel usage by over 90% compared to conventional generator systems in units used an equivalent number of hours.