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Work anywhere with Tracked Dumpers from Jarvie Plant

Jarvie Plant has a full range of tracked dumpers for hire or lease to enable you to shift loads in the most challenging terrain, for any size of job in any weather.

Our tracked dumpers offer excellent traction on boggy ground and on inclines where a standard wheeled vehicle would spin out. Powerful diesel engines and multi-speed transmissions provide the performance you require and the tracks ensure low ground pressure and reduced surface compaction.

Tracked dumper hire from Jarvie Plant

Get superior traction in difficult terrain with a tracked dumper from Jarvie Plant

Where can our tracked dumpers operate?

  • Watercourses
  • Muddy hillsides (up to 30º) and boulder fields
  • Anywhere that there is mud and no solid sub-surface
  • Sand and gravel

Typical applications

  • Construction sites
  • Housebuilding
  • Forestry
  • Road building
  • Power line construction
  • Tunnelling
  • Land drilling operations

Our tracked dumpers are available in 1.8 tonne, 4 tonne, 6 tonne, 10 tonne, 15 tonne and 24 tonne sizes with some models featuring heated and air-conditioned cabs to ensure operator comfort in all weathers.

Contact your local depot for details range of tracked dumper hire from Jarvie Plant.