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Settler Range



The Settler is a 13’ (4m x 2.3m) ground lowering Anti-Vandal mobile welfare unit providing fully compliant welfare for seven and features anti-vandal security, easy tow, LED towing lights, simple chassis lowering system, soft seating, clean drying and dirty drying areas, and efficient diesel fuelled space heating to the canteen and toilet compartments.The ground lowering system uses compressed air and an on-board compressor to raise and lower the chassis. It is operated by push button controls for up or down and units rise and lower with the floor level and horizontal. The system is unique in its simplicity and ease of use.

Fuel Saver Settler: silent running, 24 hour operation with massive fuel saving.
Powered from two sources: a 6kVA diesel generator and a battery pack, this unit can provide heat and light without running the generator which is ideal for sites with a 24 hour security guard.

Eco Settler: Self-managing power system for maximum fuel efficiency and 24 hour operation.
This unit is powered from a battery / inverter most of the time but automatically starts the generator when more power is required or to charge the batteries when required. Some units have a mini-fridge in addition to kettle & microwave. The Eco Settler can be used 24 hours but let us know in advance as extra servicing to the power unit may be required.