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Pioneer Mobile Welfare Unit

Pioneer Mobile Welfare Unit


Pioneer is a 16’ (4.9m x 2.3m) 6 person all-electric, twin axle mobile welfare unit fitted with a 6kVA diesel generator and a remote start / stop panel inside the canteen and automatic shut down after a pre-set time.

It is robust, spacious and easy to operate, fully compliant welfare with a steel High Security steel body shell. It has a large walk through drying room allowing wet coats to be removed before entering the canteen area and a large toilet / wash room.

The layout is similar to the Voyager canteen/drying room configuration however, the Pioneer has fixed twin axles while the Voyager has a single ground-lowering axle.

The Pioneer is intended to provide welfare in normal working hours and is not for 24 hour use and the generator should run no more than 20 hours per week.

Other Welfare products are available for extended running.