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welfare1A range of mobile and static welfare units designed to provide Welfare facilities fully in compliance with Health & Safety requirements when there are no mains services available on site.

Our mobile range starts with the latest ground lowering Settler and Voyager units. Eco versions of Settler and Voyager have automatic power management systems to reduce fuel consumption to a minimum. We also include the robustly tried and tested Pioneer and the cost effective Mariner model.

Static units comprise four types at present. 22’ Island and 20’ Harbour Units have chemical toilet. 24’ Admiral and 28’ Commander Units have water flush toilets. We also provide Eco power versions of the Harbour and Commander.

welfare2Fuel Saver is a useful feature available in a number of Settler mobile and Island static units. This is a system which allows units to run from batteries, without running the generator, producing huge savings in fuel. There is also the added benefit of silent running at night for a security guard, which could be of great benefit in residential areas.

Chemical toilet weekly servicing is included for units located within the main operating areas. Water flush toilet systems may not require weekly servicing depending on occupancy, and servicing can be specified fortnightly, three-weekly, etc or as often as required.

Please let us know f you intend to use a Welfare Unit 24 hours each day. That will allow us to specify the best unit for the job and to carry out all necessary maintenance as often as required.


Voyager Welfare
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Pioneer Mobile
Welfare Unit

Mariner Mobile
Welfare Range