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22×8 Island Unit

22×8 Island Unit


Island Unit (6.7m x 2.5m): comprehensive facilities with a large drying room and power to spare.

The Island Unit is a large welfare facility, seating 6 – 8, offering a cost effective package with unique features. The standard Island Unit has a 13kVA generator which has a power take-off so that a 12’ (or larger) office unit alongside can be powered from the same generator; both would normally be delivered on the same articulated lorry. It has a large drying area before the canteen and separate chemical toilet and hot water wash station compartments so that they can both be used at once, reducing waiting time, speeding throughput.

Fuel Saver Island Unit: silent running, 24 hour operation and massive fuel saving.

This is as the standard Island with the 13kVA generator that can power an office alongside but, like the Fuel Saver Settler Mobile, has a “Silent Pack” fitted in addition. This is a battery pack / charger and diesel burning cabin heater. Its specific purpose is to allow the unit to be used 24 hours without running the generator. The batteries provide power to LED lighting and the cabin heater provides all the heat needed while the generator remains silent. This unit comes into
its own when an office is provided alongside and both units run from the generator through the day, in the traditional way, but a night security guard can be housed in comfort without continuously running the generator, saving disturbance to residents, a huge amount of fuel and the environment. The batteries are recharged through the day during normal generator running.