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Night Rest Eco-Sleeper Units


Two models are available: 14’x9′ – Twin berth units and 24’x9′ – 2x single room units. Both models have very high standards of insulation and equipment to provide maximum energy savings and have one hour fire rated walls and roofs. Units are fitted with Shower/toilet, fridge, microwave, kettle, double glazing and timed radiators. Units are fitted with smoke alarms and emergency lighting.


Mobile Accommodation Units

screen-shot-2016-08-18-at-12-44-01If access to site makes it difficult or expensive to locate larger units it may be possible to tow a Mobile Accommodation Unit into place using a pick-up truck. We offer 12’ and 16’ mobile units for use as offices, canteens and changing rooms. Units are fitted with secure steel doors and window shutters. 240V internal electrics require an external power connection to mains or a generator, which we can supply. These units do not lower to the ground when parked and are fitted with access steps; please refer to our welfare range for mobile ground lowering units.

Blast Resistant Units

screen-shot-2016-08-18-at-12-44-01We offer a fleet of Blast Resistant Units rated at 100mbar, designed for COMAH sites such as Petrochemical installations.

Units comply with Process Industry Practices STC01018 and ASCE regulations. Our Blast Resistant Units are either stand alone or linked door to door to provide combinations of offices, meeting rooms, kitchens and toilets as well as welfare facilities including canteens, toilets and drying rooms.

Customers can expect the same high standards of finish internally and externally that we provide in our High Security Accommodation.

Fire Rated Units

screen-shot-2016-08-18-at-12-44-01Our Fire Rated units are certified by the Warrington practice “Fire Prevention on Construction Sites”.

These units are applicable in some highly restricted city locations where, following a fire risk assessment, fire prevention measures alone may not be deemed sufficient and Fire Rated Units are required to provide the final line of defence.

We provide 32×10 offices and canteens and 16×9 offices and toilets suitable for stacking.

Toilet / Wash Pod


screen-shot-2016-08-18-at-12-44-01 This product is a 2.4m x1.2m (8×4) Steel Anti-vandal pod providing a chemical toilet compartment serviced weekly and a no mains water hot wash station. It meets the guidance for provision of toilet and washing facilities on construction sites without mains water or drainage or external tanks. It requires an electricity supply but other than that is independent. Toilet Pod fits neatly on the end of many units to provide toilet and wash facilities on site or can be deployed alone if a High Security chemical toilet is required.