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High Security Toilets and Shower Units


We offer heavy duty steel High Security Toilet Units in a range of popular layouts, e.g. 2+1 and 3+1 and we have “straight” 2- and 3-WC units. We provide 24×10 5-WC and 5+1 toilet units. We offer the biggest 32×10 toilet units with flexibility to configure as 6+1, 5+2, 4+3 or as “straight” 7-WC On many toilet units we have Prime specification which provides under-sink unvented water heaters with non- concussive hot and cold push taps, cistern miser to urinals, dual flush WC cisterns and self-closers to exterior doors.

We provide showers in combination with toilets such as 2shower/ 2WC and 6+1+shower. Our fleet also includes stand-alone 4-shower units with clean and dirty changing areas. We provide larger shower only units in our JPX Modular range which can be hired as stand-alone 4-shower and 5-shower units or joined together to form large buildings with 10 and more showers, which can also be combined with toilets and changing rooms.

If mains service connections are not available we provide waste tanks with mini-stairs for safe access and Autowater High Security clean water pump units backed up by on-site emptying and refilling services.