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Jarvie Plant makes investment in new Mobile Welfare Units

ECO-Settler adds to their extensive range of mobile and static units.

For people working on site, welfare units are the quickest and most efficient solution to providing essential canteen, toilet, washing and drying facilities with power generation on board and toilet servicing provided.

Demand for welfare units from Jarvie Plant has always been high and to ensure that they continue to provide the most modern units, with the latest features, they have commenced an on-going investment in new Eco-Settler 7-Person Mobile Welfare Units to increase availability in their extensive fleet of mobile and static Welfare Units.

The Grangemouth-Head- Office hirer says the new ECO-Settlers are exceptionally user-friendly with an automatic power management system which delivers 75% fuel savings against conventional units with diesel generators only.

“The New Eco-Settlers are a fantastic addition to our fleet”, says Jarvie Plant’s accommodation director, Gordon Jarvie. “Features such as two-stage fast warm-up heating, USB charging points, the large table in the canteen and ample seating for seven in comfort have been well-received. The power system looks after itself and brings on the generator when it is needed and shuts it down when it is not”

The company confirms that a number of units are already on hire in the Aberdeen area, the Central belt and Dumfries and Galloway.

As well as the 7-man 4m Eco-Settlers Jarvie Plant provides the larger 9-man 5m Voyager mobile welfare units and Voyager canteen/office units.

Although Settler and Voyager can be raised for towing at the touch of a button and hooked up to a towing vehicle in minutes, for the ultimate in self-contained welfare with instant mobility Jarvie Plant also provide a fleet of Welfare Vans. Jarvie Plant’s Welfare Vans seat up to 8 people and come equipped with a large galley area, storage and drying room as well as a host of other features.

“These vehicles are particularly spacious based on the large Renault Master LM35 Business platform with an efficient 2.3 litre, diesel engine.

The Jarvie Plant range of static welfare units has a product to cater for any welfare requirement in a fixed location. The 6m “Harbour” 8-man and 6.7m “Island” 8-man Units have chemical toilets while the 7.3m “Admiral” 8-man and 8.5m “Commander” 12-man Units have water flush toilets. Commander can also be configured as an 8-man welfare + office unit while Jarvie Plant also provide the “Pathfinder” 6-man welfare + office.

Most of the static range also has power available to supply a separate office unit from the welfare generator. Cable ports are provided so that a power cable supplied can be connected to a 3.6m, 4.8m or 6m office or office / store, etc, alongside an Island, Admiral or Commander. In this way Jarvie Plant can provide extensive and spacious facilities in heavy duty steel anti-vandal units fully equipped with all the facilities required under HSE approved codes of practice.

As a further service to customers, in the Eco-Settler and all static units, Jarvie Plant now provide the option of a water cooler and supply of drinking water direct to site.

“We believe that the quality of our products backed up by our local depot network with mobile fitters available 24 hours / 7 days per week provides a comprehensive package with the reliability that customers rightly expect” says Mr Jarvie

“We are focused on providing customers with high quality equipment and ensuring units meet the strictest health and safety criteria.”