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Environmental Policy

We are committed to the continuous improvement of our environmental performance, as part of our overall goal of implementing the principles of sustainable development in all areas of our work. Our aim is to ensure that environmental objectives are integrated into relevant business objectives in a cost-effective manner.

The Company is committed to a positive and responsible course of action with regard to those aspects of the business which impact upon the environment. It seeks always to act in accordance with good practice, preserving and, where possible, enhancing the quality of the environment.

Commitment to the Environment

Commitment to the environment is demonstrated by maintaining an Environmental Management System, which meets the requirements of ISO 14001 and is focused on preventing pollution and continuously improving the company performance. Key components of the system include the establishment of environmental objectives and targets, which require the company to achieve continual improvement and the establishment of programmes to ensure satisfaction of these improvements, objectives and target.

The Strategy

The strategy addresses the following key areas to:

  • Review Environmental impacts pre-work
  • Accomplish waste reduction at the head office and each depot
  • Increase employee awareness and training
  • Protect natural resources
  • Recycle materials and minimise waste
  • Relate to customers and regulatory authorities
  • Safely transport and dispose of waste materials
  • Reduce power use through our own on site generation systems

Management, staff and employees are encouraged to liaise and work closely with suppliers, sub-contractors and customers to ensure the services will meet and exceed all regulatory requirements and other applicable requirements.

Questions and enquiries should be directed to the HSEQ lead. This policy is publicly available.

Approved by:

John Jarvie CEO

john jarvie



Gordon Jarvie Production Director

gordon jarvie



Date: 11/9/2013