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30m Rotating Telehandler Load Chart

30m Rotating Telescopic Handler

3 Great machines in 1 – Telehandler, Crane, Platform

Our fleet of rotating telehandlers have 360° rotation offering height and slew restriction and automatic attachment recognition.

The cab has been developed to grant the comfort and safety of the operator and to make the manoeuvring of the machine safe and simple. The cabin has full visibility thanks to a large
windshield, from the bottom to the top.
The user friendly touch screen display is used to manage the whole machine, is very intuitive and interfaces with the operator with more than 170  written faults messages. The screen
is IP67 and can also be managed through an automotive style joystick. Stabilisers and levelling can be managed also with dedicated buttons.
The Magni Combi Touch System (MCTS) is a brand new concept for machine management; it is easy to use for both expert and new operators, thanks to the icon-style graphic that makes it very intuitive.  It is possible to switch from one page to the other with arrows on the screen or with buttons around the joystick. The system is divided in 5 main pages each one dedicated to different functions of the machine.
Made of high tension steel, the boom is extremely sturdy and rigid, and at the same time very light, giving more capacity and avoiding flection phenomena on the long reach. A system of automatic recognition of the attachment is equipped on every Magni machine; on the boom head there is an R.F.I.D. system that automatically recognise the fitted tool in use when it is coupled to the machine and consequently loads the diagram relative to the attachment and prearrange the load limit device to work with that specific attachment. This makes the machine much safer and prevents human error in selecting the fitted attachment.

Product Reference
Magni 5.30
360 degree rotation, Full visibility cab, Magni Control Panel, Magni Ccombi Touch System (MCTS)
Hooks, Fork Extensions, Jib and Winch, Winches, Platforms, Collector Brush
Width: 2500mm
Height: 3090mm
Weight: 21830 kg
Depth: 7780mm
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