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2Tonne 4WD Powerswivel Dumper

These manual 2 Tonne Hi-Tip Swivel dumpers come with a skip that can be rotated through 180 degrees and the hydraulic scissor lift enables variable tipping heights. This allows for working in confined spaces.

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Power swivel skip enabling discharge either side. Excellent rough terrain performance from hydrost. permanent 4-wheel drive. Heavy duty construction; skip with 5-8 mm steel plate, reinforced with box sections. Simple and safe operation; drive direction switch on the steering column. Acceleration by foot pedal and braking from hydrost. retardation. Wide, heavy duty center console protects driver legs, Simple and clear dashboard including fuel gauge, hour meter, warning lights for-parking brake, oil filter,oil pressure,engine temperature. Folding ROPS as standard. Easy access for service maintenance. Towing bracket as standard.
Grass Tyres; Road tax; Lights for night working; VCAS System
Width: 1467mm
Height: 3037mm
Weight: 2020 kg
Depth: 3735mm
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